How Do I Safely Pay My Seasonal Staff Without UK Bank Accounts?

As we get closer to the festive season, many businesses will have to handle and pay seasonal staff to cope with the demand. No matter the industry, managing a seasonal employee payment solution can be a logistical nightmare.

In many instances, seasonal employees will be on temporary work visas. As a result of this, they will not have access to a UK bank account. To combat this issue, many businesses will pay staff with cash. Cash payments are difficult to track, and can lead to over or under payments through human error. As well as this, paying employees with cash can make them susceptible to theft.

Post-Brexit, only 10% of work visa applications (roughly 35,000 people) were made from the EU.

In order to encourage a higher take up of applications, many modern businesses are looking to add a seamless and safe seasonal employee payment solution to their offering.

The solution? A white-label payroll card scheme.

Crunch provides branded payroll cards to its clients. Crunch is a safe and efficient way to pay seasonal staff, as each employees’ prepaid card is directly loaded. Furthermore, the card functions like a standard debit card, and can make payments of any kind. Not only does this provide our client’s employees with a safe and practical form of payment, it also allows our clients and their accounting teams to accurately log and track their outgoings.

Our ready-made portal allows your cardholders to manage their cards online, using the easy-access cardholder portal and smart app. Employees are able to view balances, make transactions, manage email alerts and much more. Furthermore, it is possible to customise the Crunch cardholder portal to suit your business brand. This functionality significantly reduces development time and cost, as the features are a Crunch-managed service.

Seasonal Employees (And Their Employers) Love Crunch

Take the stress out of your payroll practises. Opt for the streamlined, efficient and safe Crunch card seasonal employee payment solution. 

So, want to find out more about how Crunch could revolutionise your payment methods? Get in touch with Mark on, or download our Payroll Card Brochure here.





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